Faster Decisioning for Less Fraud & Friction

NeuroID is your first line of defense against malicious bots, bad actors, and fraud rings. Our behavioral signals evaluate a person’s familiarity with the data they’re entering, so you can decide immediately if they’re trustworthy or not.

Our behavioral signals detect risk in real time and alert you to fraud attacks.

The Value of NeuroID’s Behavioral Analytics

catch fraud

New layer of insight detects fraud pre-submit

increase fraud capture

Identify fraudsters otherwise missed

Limitless Expansion

Accurate results regardless of low user history


Fast-track trustworthy users with segmentation

Leader in the Industry

Beats competition in head-to-head trials


Reduce manual reviews, data calls, and fraud costs

“With NeuroID, we have enough information on good applicants sooner, so we can fast-track them and say ‘go ahead and get your loan, we don’t need anything else from you.’ And customers really love that.”

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