Our Mission

Our mission at Neuro-ID is simple – Humanizing the Digital Experience™. We start by recognizing that there is a human on the other end of every digital interaction. Our patented real-time behavioral analytics reconnect critical human elements that were lost as we’ve transitioned to a digital world. We leverage nearly a decade of scientific research and discovery combined with observing over one hundred billion real-time behavioral metrics to translate the Digital Body Language exhibited during an online interaction into a suite of actionable real-time scores.

We are committed to change the course of the digital world by transforming and optimizing the customer experience and risk assessment with a new window of visibility never seen before. Neuro-ID’s solutions introduce a refreshing and powerful layer of actionable insight, creating a new paradigm of seeing and understanding in real time.

Unlock Our Behavior-as-a-Service™ Platform In 3 Simple Steps

Neuro-ID’s proprietary process — developed by analyzing over 100M customer journeys — will unlock deep customer insight that will permanently transform your digital onboarding.


Install the Script

Quickly and easily embed our patented tech behind your forms.


Access the Dashboard

Start viewing the real-time behavioral data you’ve never seen before.


Apply the Insight

Identify your genuine vs fraudulent customers and key points of friction.

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