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Our Culture and Values

We’re having a lot of fun at Neuro-ID these days. Yes, we’re excited about our technology and helping our customers, but it’s the rolling up of sleeves, working on common goals, experimenting with new ideas and approaches and getting to do all that with a great team that makes us come to work every day with a smile. Not a day goes by without a round of high fives, a pat on the back,  or on big days, someone busting out a worm across the floor.

It’s not just fun either, it’s nerdy fun. We get excited over data…yes, data. When an algorithmic model performs well, we cheer and celebrate the brains behind it, too. In a way, Neuro-ID is a perfect convergence of science, data and people. Like a good pizza, the combo works. We certainly mean business, but it’s the human engine (and powerful servers) that runs Neuro-ID. We value everyone, loving the unique characteristics and gifts we all bring to the table in this slice of life we call work.

Some things we believe in…

  • Collaboration – Teamwork is what drives us forward, where 1 + 1 does equal 3
  • Scientific rigour – We can’t shake our DNA in science and research, nor do we want to
  • No egos – The table we eat and work on is level, and everyone has a seat
  • Bold trailblazers – Setting fear aside, we know we must go where no one else has
  • Business is personal – A big part of who we are, our work IS our life – it matters
  • We celebrate – The gravy on top of the mashies we work so hard to make
  • Thought Leaders – We are pioneers and excited to lead and share our discoveries
  • Doers – Inspired by Yoda, we take action and always push the ball forward

Our Management Team

A proven technology executive. A native Montanan. An avid hunter and outdoorsman. Jack’s guiding principles to lead successful teams are passion, focus, and collaboration.

Jack Alton Neuro-ID CEO

Jack Alton

A world renowned scientist and an Eller Professor at The University of Arizona. Published over 200 scholarly articles and leading IT textbooks. Enjoys playing golf and visiting his roots in Montana.

Joe Valacich, PhD

A world expert in detecting human states using computer input devices and multiple published articles in these fields. A professor in Information Systems at BYU. An Idaho native and a father of five.

Jeff Jenkins, PhD

Operations and finance executive for early stage organizations. A Duke Fuqua and Northwestern Alum. California native, yet born again Montanan. Triathlete and lover of anything outdoors.

Courtney Laabs
COO / Head of Customer Success

An experienced technology executive and former investment banker. Started as a computer hobbyist and programmer who got into AI at Stanford as an undergrad. You can find Jon cooking up a storm at home, sharing wine with friends or playing guitar around the fire.

Jon Fetveit

Jon Fetveit
CFO, Head of Strategy

An enthusiastic sales leader with strong DNA in risk management technology and a knack for growing global businesses. Clay is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children in Montana.

Clay Bradley

Clay Bradley
VP of Sales

A proven leader inspiring teams to help clients and partners to grow further and faster. A Montana native, he loves to hunt, fish, and play any sport that got him out of fixing fence. Believes honesty, integrity, and hard work still make all the difference.

Zachary Pitts

Zachary S. Pitts
VP of Business Development

A military veteran who has a civilian background in IT Management and servicing Loan Origination Systems for the largest banks in the US. Has a passion for helping institutions understand and embrace digital transformation.

James Craddick

James Craddick
Director of Behavioral Analytics

A seasoned, multifaceted creative with business chops. Enjoys the challenge of translating the complex into something simple. A self-proclaimed fun monger of the mountains, Pete loves to bike, ski and enjoy nature with his wife and two daughters.

Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas
Director of Marketing

Former (and recovering) academic researcher, now steeped in all things data science. Hobbyist woodworker and home remodeler, approximately sane endurance athlete, and delighted father of four.

David Wilson

David Wilson, PhD
Director of Analytics

A 20+ years experienced IT manager. Blaine received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Information Systems from Brigham Young University. A father of 6 who loves time outdoors with his family. Enjoys raising and riding his American Quarter Horses.

Blaine Hamilton

Blaine Hamilton
Director of Development

Background in software delivery within financial services, retail, and SaaS. A compulsive organizer and orchestrator, Kevin has a habit of being in the middle of the next big thing. Lover of choral music and any sport involving a ball. Lucky husband and father of five.

Kevin Brinkerhoff Neuro-ID Director of Product

Kevin Brinkerhoff
Director of Product

Revenue queen – experienced startup dog – team player – passionate about bringing tail wags to any big meeting -unaware she is a dog – local brewery model.

June, aka "Junebug"

June, aka “JuneBug”
Chief Tailwagger

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