It is our mission at Neuro-ID to support a safe, seamless and simple integration with your team. Our systematic process and advanced JavaScript were thoughtfully developed to ensure a smooth first step to ‘turning on the light,’ with forward-thinking details baked in to adapt to future functionality, growth and the natural evolution of your online forms.

Easy Integration

Our JavaScript library requires minimal configuration to start collecting data. A Neuro-ID solutions architect will provide a library that is configured to your form. Simply import our JavaScript library and initiate to start the data collection. The JavaScript is light-weight and has no impact on website performance.


Our JavaScript is compatible with all major development and browser platforms.


Data are sent to and scores are received from our secure REST API. Data are sent to our servers asynchronously to avoid system disruptions. Data are aggregated, and scores are computed on demand in milliseconds, allowing real-time integration in front-end and back-end systems.


Our JavaScript does not collect the values entered by users (e.g., which letters or numbers were pushed, or what values were entered); rather, our JavaScript only collects meta information about how a person entered information (e.g., movements, the timing of clicks, etc.). Focusing on the timing of these events rather than on what values were inputted keeps PII from ever being collected or processed in our system. All data is transferred over SSL via an authenticated endpoint.

Unlock Our Behavior-as-a-Service™ Platform In 3 Simple Steps

Neuro-ID’s proprietary process — developed by analyzing over 100M customer journeys — will unlock deep customer insight that will permanently transform your digital onboarding.


Install the Script

Quickly and easily embed our patented tech behind your forms.


Access the Dashboard

Start viewing the real-time behavioral data you’ve never seen before.


Apply the Insight

Identify your genuine vs fraudulent customers and key points of friction.

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