Combat bust-out fraud, business-logic abuse, triangulation fraud, and other payments’ challenges.

Quickly identify malicious scripts, bots, & fraud rings.

Spot the majority of verified fraud cases much earlier in your applicants’ process, reducing fraud ring detection from days to hours. Flag risky applicants sooner with razor-sharp precision, catching fraud threats that would otherwise be overlooked.

Create frictionless workflows & streamlined processes.

NeuroID’s advanced user segmentation and real-time analytics help you create dynamic workflows based on a user’s level of riskiness. This leads to faster verification times for trustworthy users (and more deterministic rejections for fraudsters). You can also better pinpoint stages where users might abandon your process, ensuring smoother experiences.

Top Payment Platforms Trust NeuroID to Stop Fraud Faster

A leading payment processor identified 100K risky merchant accounts and saved millions in potential fraud losses and chargeback costs

Problems We Solve

Fraudulent account opening

Defend against unauthorized account creations, ensuring bank and customer security

money laundering and fake accounts

Directly combat the menace of money laundering through fake accounts, upholding platform integrity and regulatory compliance.

promo abuse and business logic schemes

Address schemes like the penny-drop, NeuroID ensures that promotions serve genuine users and not fraudsters.

High Manual Review Costs

Streamline your fraud detection from the top down, eliminating the overengineered, costly fraud stack.

coordinated human and bot fraud attacks

Detect and stop brute force attacks, reducing the load on manual review processes.

unnecessary negative impacts on customers

Accurate decision-making minimizes potential credit harm for genuine applicants and unnecessary friction from application to account access.

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Defend Your Organization Against Fraud

From onboarding to account management, stop fraud before it happens with real time metrics and alerts from NeuroID. Speak with one of our fraud experts to learn how.