Human Analytics™ for the Digital World

Human Analytics™ for Fraud

  • Leverage Behavioral Fraud Attributes & Custom Scores API for real-time decisioning around verification
  • Detect Behavioral 3rd-party Fraud
  • Detect Behavioral 1st-party Fraud
  • Gain real-time insight, where historic data falls short

Human Analytics™ for Friction

  • Gain visibility into your digital customers’ journey with the Friction Index® Dashboard
  • Discover behaviors indicative of friction and fraud
  • Pinpoint problem areas causing abandonment
  • Baseline and optimize your CX, using science

Fight Fraud

Stop Fraud Before It Starts

With Neuro-ID’s decade of patented research and discovery supporting your digital applications, you’ll be able to see what’s being manipulated before they hit submit.

Move Beyond Historical Data

Neuro-ID’s behavioral analytics start where historical fraud data stops, by providing you with real-time fraud attributes based on your own data from your own customers.

Don't Treat Your Customers Like Crooks

Leverage Neuro-ID's real-time scores to fast track your best applicants around high friction verification – reducing abandonment and increasing conversion.

Fight Friction

Make Fact-Based CX Decisions

Neuro-ID’s Friction Index provides you a quantitative, scientific measurement of your digital customer experience. It’s the next generation of real-time customer analytics.

Improve Your Digital People Skills

You only have one shot at a digital first impression. Neuro-ID will help you put your customer back in the customer journey by humanizing your digital relationship.

Finally Understand the Why

What good is CX data if it doesn’t become insight? With Neuro-ID, you won’t just see what your customers are doing, you’ll finally understand why they are doing it.

Unlock Our Behavior-as-a-Service™ Platform In 3 Simple Steps

Neuro-ID’s proprietary process — developed by analyzing over 100M customer journeys — will unlock deep customer insight that will permanently transform your digital onboarding.


Install the Script

Quickly and easily embed our patented tech behind your forms.


Access the Dashboard

Start viewing the real-time behavioral data you’ve never seen before.


Apply the Insight

Identify your genuine vs fraudulent customers and key points of friction.

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