3 Reasons NeuroID is a Must-See at Fintech Meetup

3 Reasons NeuroID is a Must-See at Fintech Meetup

On March 3-6, the fintech world will converge in Las Vegas for Fintech Meetup, one of the largest industry events of the year. While sessions will be packed with insights, the show floor is truly one of the event’s can’t-miss highlights. It’s always full of industry leaders showcasing their new innovations—including NeuroID! Here’s why your Fintech Meetup experience won’t be complete without a visit to booth #1323:

Reason 1: It’s your chance to talk with fraud experts about today’s hottest topics

At all the shows we traveled to last year, APP fraud, real-time payments, and genAI-powered fraud attacks were at the forefront of fraud professionals’ minds. At the NeuroID booth, you’ll find Head of Operational Strategy Nash Ali (formerly with MoneyGram and Western Union); SVP, Product & Strategy Mitul Parmar; SVP, Growth Allison Lemaster; SVP, Sales Zach Pitts; VP, Strategic Sales Clay Bradley; Senior Director of Analytics and Innovation Brooke Baker; Senior Sales Director Kristina Bradley; and Sales Director Troy Spurrier. This team brings decades of fraud-fighting experience to the show floor and is looking forward to connecting, answering questions, and talking about everything from the power of behavior and device signals to the best place for a vegetarian meal in Manhattan (ask Mitul!). Stop by booth #1323 to say hello, or reach out ahead of the event to set up a meeting.

Reason #2: NeuroID’s next-generation behavior & device solution is like no other

As the global leader in behavioral analytics, our behavioral signals have been an unbeatable first line of defense against fraud attacks for customers across the fintech world. NeuroID helps companies identify previously unseen fraud and drastically reduce pressure on manual review teams. The NeuroID solution is built on normalized user entry patterns across industries and around the world, giving us a best-in-class understanding of deviant fraudster behavior. Paired with industry-leading persistent device IDs, we not only detect fraud the first time we see it, but every time after. Our persistent device IDs last for months (rather than competitors’ days), with advanced ML that ensures reliable recognition. This supports the creation of detailed, specific profiles that enhance a fraud stack from the top-down, ensuring you keep fraudsters out of accounts with less tuning and more accuracy in real-time.

The NeuroID combination of behavior, device, and network intelligence allows us to stop onboarding with stolen and synthetic IDs, bot attacks, account takeover fraud, and more—all on day one. Don’t miss your chance to talk with our team about how NeuroID’s next-generation solution can operationalize your fraud stack and increase confidence in your automation.

Reason #3: Get your Vegas trade show survival tips 

Our team has taken part in countless Las Vegas trade shows over the years, and they have the stories to prove it. Stop by to hear our attendees’ tips for surviving the week’s travel days, late nights, and logistical challenges. Also, ask them about highlights in and around the resort—our Vegas veterans will have plenty of ideas (hot tip—this egg sandwich will change your life!)

While you’re at the booth, grab a NeuroID water bottle and LiquidIV to keep you going throughout the week. 

We’ll see you there!

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