Apr 29, 2022

What is User Behavior Analytics Software?

Behavioral data and analytics are often referred to as “digital body language.” Behavioral data is gathered as a user interacts on a site or in an application.

Every time the user inputs information, clicks on something, edits a field, and even hovers over something before clicking on it or adding the information to it, their behavior, digital body language, is captured. This information can be used to learn more about the experience users have on a site and as well as the intentions of someone on the site — if they are a legitimate customer or a scammer — as well as how their customer journey goes.

Neuro-ID’s groundbreaking technology uses “more than a decade of research and discovery in neuroscience, behavioral data can now be gathered and analyzed to show the users’ current state of mind while they interact… with an online application.”

Uses For User Behavior Analytics

Since everything has moved online, we are missing the human connection that would give us visual clues if someone were a scammer or if someone is getting frustrated filling out an application. Behavior analytics are designed to expose that. By using behavioral analytics on your website and applications, you can see the user’s digital body language, filling in the lost human elements. You gain enhanced fraud protection since Neuro-ID’s software can detect when someone has nefarious intentions. You can improve your application process, reducing application friction and increasing your conversion rate. Your user experience will also improve.

Enhanced Fraud Protection

If you could watch a user over their shoulder, do you think you would be able to tell whether they were committing fraud or not? What if they could not seem to remember their phone number? What if they have to erase and retype their name several times? What if they appear to be hesitating over fields that should be easy for a legitimate user to answer? What if they are running a bot that enters data faster than a human could? Armed with this information about a user’s behavior, you could direct suspicious users to step-up authentication, flag the account for back-end review, block the transaction, or use the behavior patterns to identify additional suspicious users.

Behavioral analytics can tell you if the person on your site is really a human and not a bot. Bot traffic has been linked to a significant amount of fraud and other malicious activity. If you cannot evaluate the behavior of a user in real-time, it can be challenging to determine if someone is a human or a bot. Thanks to behavior analytics, you can assess typing fluency, navigation patterns, answer manipulation, hesitation, and other measures so it can spot and address bot traffic, preventing fraud without inhibiting legitimate human users.

The other thing you need behavioral analytics to answer when combating fraud is if the user is actually who they claim to be. Neuro-ID can help an organization evaluate user behavior in real-time by segmenting genuine users from those that appear to be fraudulent. Having this segmentation available in real-time enables targeted use of step-up authentication, back-end detection systems, or even in-app interactions like CAPTCHA or chat. You will also reduce false positives of flagging a legitimate user as a scammer, which will improve the user experience overall.

Increase Conversions

If you have a website that has customer registration, there might be some rough edges to it and opportunities for improvement. While the rough edges might only impact a small percentage of your users, those who experience them get confused or frustrated and end up abandoning the application. When you consider the total lifetime value of a customer as well as their potential to bring in referrals, each abandoned account registration is a missed opportunity and comes with a monetary loss. But how do you know where the rough spots are in your application? How do you know you are actually making improvements and not adding new rough edges? This is where Neuro-ID’s behavioral analytics platform can help.

With Neuro-ID, you can qualitatively and quantitatively measure customer experience at scale, down to individual field interactions, using ultra-lightweight integrations and collecting zero personally identifiable information. This allows you to see how customers experience your application and enables data-driven approaches for improvement. Neuro-ID makes it easy to find the areas where your customers get stuck or frustrated by scoring every customer interaction and highlighting those form fields. Once you have identified those areas, you can replay the interactions that are linked to those friction points and implement improvements accordingly.

Safely Reduce Application Fraud

To avoid fraud, many sites will add some friction to the site, making it harder for scammers and bots to register on your site or application. You might require them to fill out a CAPTCHA, answer security questions, upload documents, or enter one-time passcodes. Friction serves a critical purpose on an application: to provide some speed bumps so that you can evaluate the potential risk associated with the user’s activity. You need some friction points to protect your business against fraudsters, hackers, bots, and others. The problem is that if you have too many friction points, your legitimate users may end up frustrated and they might abandon the application. There is a careful balance between adding enough friction to identify fraud without adding so much that legitimate users get annoyed and abandon the application.

When using software that tracks user behavior analytics, you can find and identify scammers more easily, without putting so much friction into the process that you alienate your real users. Determining if someone actually exists or they are who they claim to be is not easy, but by exposing Neuro-IDs behavioral insights to back-end agents and processes, suddenly you have a window into the customer’s behavior and intent, making those questions far easier to answer. You can reduce the friction points that make you lose real users while still identifying fraudulent accounts.

Improve User Experience At Scale

It is not easy to fully understand your customers’ experience on your website or application. Many organizations will conduct surveys, watch replays of some user sessions, and analyze the popularity and functionality of different pages or features, trying to assess whether the user is having a good experience and completing their journey. While this can help you get started, you cannot see everything you need to properly analyze the user experience. However, Neuro-ID’s Friction Index is designed to monitor every session, getting you the full picture of your user experience.

By collecting and analyzing interaction data across the entire user population, Neuro-ID is able to provide you with the critical measures of experience that will serve as the starting point for crafting a seamless experience for your users. You can find and improve all of the friction points that are noted by Neuro-ID and use the data available to ensure that your improvements are not adding new friction points.

User Behavior Analytics Software

The user behavior analytics available through Neuro-ID monitors every user session in an application but does not collect any private information the customer inputs in the app. It only monitors how they interact — if they take two minutes to input their phone number, if they retype their name multiple times, if the input is so fast that it is impossible that a human wrote it, and more — all of which will help you eliminate fraudulent applicants.

Based on neuro-information systems research conducted at the University of Arizona and Brigham Young University, Neuro-ID’s patented approach to collecting and interpreting human-computer interactions provides organizations with the data, insights, and tools to quantifiably reduce friction and improve the experience for their users.


Neuro-ID’s Friction Index analyzes user behavior and makes it hard for a fraudulent account to sneak in. Schedule a demo today to learn how Neuro-ID can enhance your fraud detection.