Smarter Questions…Better Bottom Line

Millions of questions are being asked via online forms, questionnaires and surveys everyday.  These questions are intended to learn more about any given applicant or customer.  The problem is, businesses have very little confidence in the veracity of these online answers.  Our ongoing mission at Neuro-ID is to leverage our unique technology to enable organizations to gain new visibility into “how” people are answering important online questions.   Simply stated, we help businesses ask smarter questions and validate the answers based on the individual applicant’s own response.  This, in turn allows them to make better decisions, thereby creating a better bottom-line for our customers!

We have commercially deployed the technology within the online lending space to reveal a valuable new dimension of both risk and opportunity for the online applicant.  Our clients are now empowered to scientifically qualify their online applicant.

What started out as an “ah ha” moment for our two co-founders, Dr. Joe Valacich and Dr. Jeff Jenkins at a neuroscience conference nearly seven years ago, has led to the development of a ground-breaking technology. As the CEO of Neuro-ID, a premier provider of prescriptive analytics for the risk industry, I am proud of the many years of research, testing and commercial deployment of our unique neuroscience based technology that is currently changing the way businesses utilize their online forms.

Neuro-ID is unlike any other risk technologies.  Where most companies rely on past data and previous interactions, Neuro-ID is able to assess cognitive and fine motor movements displayed by the applicant (regardless of platform, computer, mobile or other touchscreen device) during the initial interaction with an online application.  Based on these movements and our proprietary algorithm, Neuro-ID is able to qualify the applicant based on their individual response and develop a real-time confidence score that adds great value and insight for the company to better understand the risk and opportunity of their potential customers.


Today, we formally introduce the branding of our Neuro Confidence Score (Neuro-CS) This score has been at the center of our technology for years and is derived by uniquely combining behavioral monitoring, advanced analytics and neuro-cognitive research.



Key Highlights:

  • To learn more, please visit us at our rebranded website, via LinkedIn, via Twitter @id_neuro.
  • Neuro-ID provides Prescriptive Analytics for the risk industry. Take a look at the recent Fraud Practice white paper that discusses how prescriptive analytics is changing the risk industry.
  • Neuro-ID solutions use patent-pending neuroscience and prescriptive analytics to construct and analyze forward-looking and risk-relevant questions- an industry first! To learn more about prescriptive analytics, please view our CSO / Co-Founder’s Dr. Joe Valacich’s blog here.
  • Neuro-ID mitigates risk, improves compliance and operation processes and better segments applicant pools. In other words – we make companies better at the origination process.

We continue to rapidly expand the use of Neuro-ID’s unique solution across a wide spectrum of risk-related industries.  I am looking forward to sharing additional company developments and insights into our exciting journey.



Jack Alton  (@jackaltonmt)