Use Cases

Detect fraud anywhere user interaction occurs.

NeuroID is the global leader in behavioral analytics. Our solutions look at how humans or bots are interacting with your digital forms to evaluate their intention in real-time. Behavioral analytics is a behind-the-scenes, frictionless way to measure users’ intention. We don’t see what data users enter, just how they enter it.

By measuring the way a user interacts with a form field (website or mobile app), we can determine if the user is:

A Potential bot

familiar with the PII entered

A potential fraudster

NeuroID analyzes user behavior, IP, and device intelligence through machine learning to accurately detect and predict fraud risks. We also detect non-risky behavior, which our customers then use to segment known trustworthy consumers and provide them preferential treatment.

Where NeuroID Integrates

Sitting at the top of your onboarding funnel, NeuroID evaluates applicants’ form-entry behavior. We assess the level of familiarity users have with the data they should readily know, such as their name, address, phone number, etc. If their behavior demonstrates low familiarity, malicious efficiencies, or automated behavior, we inform you in real-time to apply friction. If their behavior shows familiarity, we help you fast-track them through the application process.

Behavioral insights help you move faster to stop: 

  • Identity theft
  • Synthetic identities
  • Bots
  • Scams and money mules
  • Promo abuse fraud

NeuroID will increase your fraud capture, show you fraud sooner, and give you better user segmentation to visualize fraud attacks and identify inefficient points of friction.

Using network and device signals in conjunction with behavior, NeuroID solutions analyze device reputation, usage patterns, location, IP address, and network/domain risk. This additional layer of security is crucial for stronger fraud prevention by identifying threats that include jailbroken devices, emulators, and remote access tools.

Through NeuroID’s enhanced behavioral analytics, you can detect fraud even when behavioral data is minimal or absent. This ensures robust protection against sophisticated fraud attempts, safeguarding customer accounts at every interaction.

NeuroID intercepts fraudsters at crucial moments during account management, such as when they try to modify key PII, account details, link new bank accounts for fraudulent purposes, and during payments. NeuroID technology scrutinizes how the data is entered, providing critical insights into user intentions and preventing account takeover schemes and similar fraud tactics. 

NeuroID’s advanced suite of tools extends beyond behavioral analytics, incorporating device and network intelligence to analyze device reputation, usage, and IP-based risks. This comprehensive approach is effective even when behavioral data is scarce, ensuring robust protection against these sophisticated fraud tactics.

From profile changes to account linking, NeuroID adds a wholly unique layer of insight to help you optimize risk controls, increase confidence in fraud prevention, and selectively offer step-up authentication.

Helping you stop:

  • Account takeover 
  • Money mules 
  • Compromised payments and scams

Crowd Alerting

Crowd alerting tracks the number of risky users coming to an application and alerts clients when they experience abnormal spikes in risky behavior.

With the average financial service company experiencing an attack every other week, these short bursts of risky activity are cues that fraudsters find an application attractive. Their behavior may be an an exploratory probe of security systems to prepare for a more prolonged attack or a sign fraud mitigation tools are successfully deterring attackers from pursuing anything further. With most attacks lasting about a day, a real-time alert to spikes in risky behavior can ensure that in-and-out fraudsters are recognized.

Read The Anatomy of a Fraud Ring Attack report

A credit card issuer prevented $860K of losses during a 2-week fraud ring attack that bypassed existing fraud systems. A leading Buy-Now-Pay-Later flagged 2,200 applications tied to fraud ring activity that would have otherwise bypassed existing fraud controls over 3 months.

NeuroID visualizes the behavior captured in digital experiences at the crowd- and session-level to provide insights. This visualized breakdown segments your applicants by their level of riskiness, showing you: 

  • What types of users (risky/genuine) are contributing to changes in application volumes; was it a successful marketing campaign or are you under a fraud attack?
  • Which friction points fraudsters are moving through while causing trustworthy users to abandon 
  • The anatomy of a fraud attack; how and where fraudsters probed your system to plan their attack

Proven Results Across Top Organizations

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